Springtime Transformations

You’ve seen it, we’ve seen it… The "isolation transformation”. Teacher turned internet singing sensation, waitress turned online shopping influencer, office secretary turned at-home chef. These are certainly unprecedented times that have led many of us to discover things about ourselves; our likes and dislikes, hidden talents, and passions we never knew we had. And it would seem these isolated days have also led many of you to try our product for the first time and we couldn’t be more grateful.

We love a good transformation story just as much as you do! And isn’t spring the perfect time for transformations and new beginnings? We could all take a lesson from the trees emerging from their winter slumberous state. The first sign of vivid green slowly appearing through the dreary, empty branches. Perhaps we will all emerge from this quarantine with a similar glow and renewed optimism towards the future.

But back to our personal favorite transformations... Those that have taken your dry, cracked and unsightly feet and restored them to their original soft, touchable state. We love when you, our customers, come to us and share your stories of how Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask has given you the confidence to wear sandals again, enjoy a foot massage and post your beach vacation foot selfies for the world to see. We hope you’ll continue to share with us your transformation stories and pictures.

We think everyone deserves soft feet and we’re here to help you make that happen. So as life begins to return to normal, we hope you will not forget the newfound loves you’ve discovered during this pandemic. Especially the little foot peel mask that you decided to give a try, which just like a lovely springtime transformation, reminded you that something wonderful can emerge from hard, unpleasant things.