Why skin care is just as important for your feet as it is for your face

These days it seems like skin care has become a bigger topic than ever before, and we’re all giving it a little more attention than we used to. Perhaps this is due to the rise in skincare-focused influencers, that have brought to our attention products we never knew existed and their amazing results. Or maybe it’s due to getting older and understanding that the beautiful “summer glow” we so desperately had to have, has begun to show its not so beautiful after effects. Whatever it is that has made us realize the need to be conscientious about our skincare routine isn’t as important as the fact that we recognize it and implement it. So, good for you!

Now, before you take that pat on the back and walk away, there is an area of your skin that you may still be neglecting. “Neglecting? Not me!” you may think. But let’s be honest, when you think of skin care, do you think of the bottoms of your feet? Unlikely. We’re here to tell you though, that this area of skin is just as in need of a skincare routine as that beautiful, well cared for face of yours.

Think about it... Your feet carry you everywhere, support your body and endure enormous amounts of pressure everyday! Your feet do a lot for you… And just like you don’t wait for your car to break down to give it regular oil changes and maintenance, you don’t want to wait for your feet to show signs of neglect before you show them some attention.

Still not convinced? Well let’s talk for a second about what can happen if we neglect foot care as part of our regular beauty regimen.

Day to day life puts a lot of stress on your feet. Add to that wearing shoes that don’t fit properly, or even worse, high heels, your poor feet take quite the beating! This combination leads to foot issues, such as blisters, corns and calluses. Not only that, but dry, cracked heels are a common complaint among many.

Point being, neglected feet are not pretty and can cause you a lot of pain. Moreover, all that your feet do for you make them a part of your body that, far from deserving to be ignored, deserves to be taken care of and shown some love. The good news is, our foot peels are an easy, inexpensive addition to your self care routine. Why not give one a try today? Your feet will thank you.